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Dr. Pen Ultima A7 is the latest device of the Dr. Pen brand for performing micro-needle mesotherapy at the professional level. The Professional Dr. Pen Ultima A7 system is designed to improve the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines, scarring, and overall skin texture and tone. [Free Express Shipping]


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The professional Dr.pen Ultima A7 skin repair needling tool kit for anti-aging acne scars wrinkles, an effective, economical and professional skincare tool that leaves you feeling and looking better. Helps you achieve the appearance of healthier and more beautiful skin. 

During fractional micro-puncturing of the skin with the DR. pen Ultima A7 device, so-called micro-damage, thanks to which the natural mechanisms of skin regeneration are stimulated, thereby stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which makes the skin firm and wrinkles smoothed.

Its primary task is to remove dead epidermis and loosen the connections between its cells while stimulating the living layers of the skin. Each subsequent treatment gradually reduces the scars and reduces wrinkles. The device is very simple and convenient to use, has an adjustable puncture frequency which reduces the duration of the procedure and reduces its soreness.


How does Dr. Pen ultima A7 work?

The needles create tiny micro-cavities in the skin’s surface. This stimulates the regenerative processes that naturally take place in the skin everyday. This, in turn, stimulates an increased production of collagen and elastin causing the skin to become firmer, for scars to gradually reduce and for wrinkles to smooth out. The Pen can be used multi-directionally so the treatments can be performed on any area of the face, neck, neckline, stomach, thighs, buttocks or scalp.
Fine-Tuned Speed

Fine-Tuned Speed

  • Different speeds, adjusted for different situations. 
  • More accurate speed adjustment.
  • Therapist can control the speed at any level.
  • More quickly and efficient than manual MTS Micro-needle
  • Easier to operate in small part or radian

Invisible bayonet wide locking

  • Invisible bayonet wide locking More stable and safe. 
  • More easy to remove and replace needle cartridges.
Invisible bayonet wide locking
Adjustable Needle

Adjustable Needle

Dr.Pen Ultima a7 electric derma pen has the ability to adjust the needle length to meet different customer requirements. Compared with the traditional microneedle roller, avoids unnecessary waste caused by frequent equipment replacement and greatly reduces the possibility of infection.      

Replace Different Needles

  • Use different needles for different scenarios. 2pcs*12 needles are included.
  • Because high-speed vertical movement reduces pain to a minimum, there is no cross-infection, using one-time disposable needles.
  • If you need other REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGES FOR DR.PEN ULTIMA A7, you can contact us to buy.

Features of Dr. Pen Ultima A7 Professional Microneedling system

  • Powerful, improved motor of 8,000 – 15,000 RPM.
  • Powered by 2m long cord
  • 34 gauge pin cartridges are finer than previous models. These are the second finest needles second only to the M8
  • More reliable and improved motor, design, and function
  • Secure dial eliminates shifting and minimises drag
  • Max dial adjustable ranging from 0mm – 2.5mm needle depth

Technical parameter

Dr. Pen Ultima A7
Needle Material Nano Wafer /imported medical stainless steel/titanium alloy
Needle Length 0.25~2.5mm
Needle number 9/12/36/42/Nano
Power supply Wired cable
Body Material Metal and Plastic
Speed 5 Levels.
Size 130*22(mm)
N.W 75g
Package 170*123*57(mm)
G.W 580g


Microneedling is a procedure that uses many tiny needles to poke into the first layer of your skin. It rejuvenates your skin by making your body produce more collagen, which reduces wrinkles, scars, and, fine lines leaving your skin looking vibrant. The procedure can be done using two different tools. These are:

  • Derma pens – A pen-like tool that has tiny needles at its tip.
  • Derma rollers – A face roller with tiny needles on the roller. 
Microneedling can either be done at home or in-office.


  • Sun Damage
  • Hyper-pigmentation & Melasma
  • Hair Loss & Alopecia
  • Stretch Marks
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Acne Scarring & other scarring
  • Surgical Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle
  • Cellulite reduction or removal
deep repairing can make various skin type achieve excellent caring effect.

Dr.pen ultima a7 before and after photos

Lifting face and firming skin
Forehead wrinkles
Stretch marks
Crow's feet wrinkles
Product List For Dr.pen Ultima A7
1x Dr.Pen A7 Device 2x 12 needle cartridges 1x Charger adapter 1x USB charger cable
1x instruction manual 1x travel case 1x tray


Our dr. pen ultima a7 professional microneedling pen is the best facial skin care product for beginners and professionals.
  • No permanent damage or injury
  • Minimal downtime 
  • No bruising, infection, discolouration or other complications
  • Extremely high absorption of any ingredients applied post-use
  • Almost all skin types can be treated
  • Thickens the dermis without damage
  • Increases the absorption of facial skin care products to over 500%, maximizing their effectiveness
  • Opens pores for absorption of serums/essences & with tighter pores as a result
  • stimulate hair regrowth

Dr. Pen Ultima A7 microneedling pen is widely used and highly recommended by dermatologists. A7 kit is primarily used to minimize the signs of ageing. Speed could be adjusted precisely and memorized while re-starting. The cartridge is fastened tightly with a built-in bayonet. A7 kit includes ten sterile and single wrapped cartridges.

The main difference is a Dr. Pen Ultima A7 has a more powerful motor (18000 RPM vs. 15000 RPM of the M8 model) and an IVS regulator that provides fine speed adjustment. A7 is a wired-only model, with 5-speed levels.

  • M8-C: wired-only, M8-W: both modes (wired/wireless), 6-speed levels.
  • Dr. pen ultima a7 professional and Dr. Pen M8 have different bayonet slots for cartridges.
  • Both devices are great for hair restoration.

Dr.Pen Ultima A6 and Ultima A7 have the same motor with 18000 RPM max. Dr.Pen Ultima a7 professional microneedling pen model has an IVS regulator that provides fine speed adjustment, and a more stable bayonet connector.

Each cartridge comes in sterile packaging. However, we recommend sterilizing the cartridge in 75% alcohol before using it.

Cartridges are for one-time use only. Do not use it on open wounds, acne, or irritated skin.

Do not use the cartridge if the wrap was damaged/opened. Contact us ASAP, and we send you additional cartridges for free!

  • One 12-pins cartridge has 12 needles. The diameter (thinness) of each needle = 0.18mm. The needles length (depth): 0.25mm-2.5mm (adjustable)
  • One 36-pins cartridge has 36 needles. The diameter (thinness) of each needle = 0.25mm. The needles length (depth): 0.25mm-2.5mm (adjustable)
  • The round nano cartridge has a lot of short needles. The diameter (thinness) of each needle = 0.15mm. The needles length (depth): 0.15mm (not adjustable)

We recommend using 12pins cartridges for deep lines above the lips. Please start from the 0.25mm (it must be gentle during the initial operation). Please adjust the length according to the actual situation, slowly increasing the speed level and intensity.

The maximum speed of A7 is 18000, and there will be idling during operation, so the actual maximum speed per minute is 150 times/second.

Yes, you can use our pen to stimulate hair growth.

Dr.Pen Ultima A1 is one of the first models. Actually, Dr.Pen A1 has a 9200 RPM max. Speed control can be performed either by using a button (standard/wireless model) or using a rotating handle (professional version). Dr.Pen Ultima A7 has a motor with 18000 RPM max. It’s the most powerful model. Dr.Pen A7 model has an IVS regulator that provides fine speed adjustment.

Definitely yes do numbing…. and the only product you will be using on your face during the micro-needling and for 48 hours afterward will be 100% hyaluronic acid only! Please be certain that prior to micro-needling that you remove every trace of the numbing cream….. This is very very important as numbing creams can be toxic if used improperly.

I’ve heard if you’re going deep only use it every 4-6 weeks. This is because you want your body to go through the entire healing process and produce collagen more effectively. If you’re constantly doing it every day or week you can damage your skin by overdoing it. It doesn’t give it time to heal. I do it every month and I really work on my skin for a good 30 mins. Especially my areas of concern. I’ve only done it twice and I’ve seen a drastic difference. The first week I peel a little bit. The next week my skin is great. The highest I’ve gone is 1.5 on the acne scars on my cheeks. It is def worth it to buy. Out of anything I’ve used I’ve seen extreme results already with this. I don’t really bleed super bad. I bleed a little but I’ve seen some people super bleed! I think estheticians suggest 2.0-2.5 for like stretch marks and other parts of the body. 

We recommend using a new replacement cartridge each time you reuse the pen to prevent irritation and infections. However, some customers use the same cartridge up to 4-6 times. For this, after each use, they place the cartridge into alcohol and let it sit overnight, and then dry.

Over time, yes it will help in all these areas. But depending on how deep wrinkles are or how large pores have become it is like everything else takes time. There are several things we need to tackle with skin issues and it starts with what we are feeding ourselves. Eat right always drink plenty of water use Retin A faithfully and yes use Dr. Pen it will cause your skin to heal where the tiny holes we put upon our skin. Also, it can be used on top of hands neck, etc skin. Our hands and neck show our aging first I feel. So I always tend to these areas as well with Retin A and Dr. Pen. There’s no one thing other than a facelift to fix completely. IPL is a good start then follow up faithfully with your skin treatments at home. 

The cartridges are not interchangeable. You need to use dr pen ultima a7 cartridges.

By microneedling at home once per month, you can improve the appearance of the following: 

  • Fine Lines
  • Scarring
  • Loose Skin
  • Stretch Marks
  • Hyperpigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone
  • Uneven Skin Texture
  • Dull Skin Tone 


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